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Angela Pratt
So easy!

I love how easy it is to fit/put on and take off the 'No pull dog harness'! I have a 3-month old puppy and she's still learning so much, but she allows me to easily pop on and off the harness. It must also be super-comfortable and she doesn't seem to know that she's wearing it. When I tried other harnesses on her, she would grab them with her teeth in an attempt to pull them off. Clever design!

The BEST no pull harness

This is the best no pull harness that I have ever had. My dogs love this harness, it’s padded for their comfort and the buckle has a little slid that stops the buckle from accidentally coming open. The handle on the back is great, my dogs are re-active to other dogs so I can hold her back with the handle, which is also padded. I highly recommend this harness and will never go to another brand.

Melanie Sherwood
Amazing and Pretty

Got two of the pink no pull harness.

Have spent so much trying to help my new puppy and I walk.

Within minutes ofnputting this on .. we were walking .. all 3 of us.. No Pull..

Now a couple of weeks later... my leash hangs loose . And both dogs just walk with me..

Thank you

pretty good design

At first glance, the sizing seems a bit generous. We purchased a medium for our Beagle (having checked the measurements) and almost returned it. It looks too big. However, the loose fit is not a problem other than looking a bit loose in places. In reality, Chewbacca seems quite comfortable, and the martingale loop uses that extra fit to provide feedback without being harmful (see next comment).

The design is great: Our boy loves everyone and gets very excited when meeting (anything) on a walk - however, the martingale loop closes up and makes things tight enough (without being tight - there's no harm here) so that there is control without fear of him getting out. He still gets excited, but it seems a bit more controlled. Again this could be the martingale or the move to the front clip. Either way - the loop makes the fit better, provides some feedback and the combined result is good.

The harness appears to be better for his joints: part of the reason we purchased a new harness was because he was limping often after walks as he tended to pull a lot. I think the strap was causing unnecessary pressure on his shoulder. After a few days with the new one - there's no limping (and a lot less pulling - so it's probably a combination of less stress on the joint via design and the result of less pulling on his part).

Anyway - very happy... for what it's worth, my 6-year-old son now holds his leash on walks.

Michael Zarb
No pull harness and lead

Took our girls to the beach and had 3 people ask about the harnesses. Very easy to put on and a good fit and super comfortable for dog and human.

Designed by owners of reactive hard to walk dogs

Gives you back control

Our innovative no pull dog harness has been designed by owners of reactive dogs to put you back in control. This anti-pull harness is designed to offer optimal control and comfort for owners with reactive dogs, anxious dogs or simply dogs that pull hard and are difficult to walk.

Stress free dog walking

We know how chaotic and stressful navigating high-traffic areas can be, so we've added a traffic control handle at the back. This gives you complete control over your doggo and makes it easier for you to keep them safe in any situation.

Proceeds to dog shelters

A portion of every sale goes to dog shelters, helping pups that aren’t loved as much as yours.