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So easy!

I love how easy it is to fit/put on and take off the 'No pull dog harness'! I have a 3-month old puppy and she's still learning so much, but she allows me to easily pop on and off the harness. It must also be super-comfortable and she doesn't seem to know that she's wearing it. When I tried other harnesses on her, she would grab them with her teeth in an attempt to pull them off. Clever design!

The BEST no pull harness

This is the best no pull harness that I have ever had. My dogs love this harness, it’s padded for their comfort and the buckle has a little slid that stops the buckle from accidentally coming open. The handle on the back is great, my dogs are re-active to other dogs so I can hold her back with the handle, which is also padded. I highly recommend this harness and will never go to another brand.

No pull dog harness - Pink
Melanie Sherwood
Amazing and Pretty

Got two of the pink no pull harness.

Have spent so much trying to help my new puppy and I walk.

Within minutes ofnputting this on .. we were walking .. all 3 of us.. No Pull..

Now a couple of weeks later... my leash hangs loose . And both dogs just walk with me..

Thank you

pretty good design

At first glance, the sizing seems a bit generous. We purchased a medium for our Beagle (having checked the measurements) and almost returned it. It looks too big. However, the loose fit is not a problem other than looking a bit loose in places. In reality, Chewbacca seems quite comfortable, and the martingale loop uses that extra fit to provide feedback without being harmful (see next comment).

The design is great: Our boy loves everyone and gets very excited when meeting (anything) on a walk - however, the martingale loop closes up and makes things tight enough (without being tight - there's no harm here) so that there is control without fear of him getting out. He still gets excited, but it seems a bit more controlled. Again this could be the martingale or the move to the front clip. Either way - the loop makes the fit better, provides some feedback and the combined result is good.

The harness appears to be better for his joints: part of the reason we purchased a new harness was because he was limping often after walks as he tended to pull a lot. I think the strap was causing unnecessary pressure on his shoulder. After a few days with the new one - there's no limping (and a lot less pulling - so it's probably a combination of less stress on the joint via design and the result of less pulling on his part).

Anyway - very happy... for what it's worth, my 6-year-old son now holds his leash on walks.

No pull harness and lead

Took our girls to the beach and had 3 people ask about the harnesses. Very easy to put on and a good fit and super comfortable for dog and human.

An excellent quality leash.

I love this leash the handle in the middle is a fantastic idea, it gives you total control. Both handles are padded which makes them super soft. An excellent quality leash very happy with my purchase.

Excellent quality.

Such an excellent quality harness and lead. My Lily and I are used to her wearing her straight jacket 😂😂 so we are slowly getting used to this harness which is so much more cooler for her to wear as well as so much easier to put on. We’re taking the transition slowly, the lead on the other hand was an instant success. It’s so comfortable I love the second handle in the middle of the lead gives me total control. Very happy with my purchase.

For our dog (31 kg) it fits well across the chest but is too big around the girth and can't be tightened.

Great lead

The 6 in 1 lead is a really practical high quality lead. We love it with multi hand positions and configuration makes walking doggo a delight!

Game changer

Our pooch Gigi surprisingly strong and a lead puller. We’ve tried with limited success to reduce the pulling with training but there had to be an easier way! I gave in and purchased a No pull harness (small) and it was brilliant from the first time Gigi went for a walk with it on! The violet looks great against her black fur and stands out on night time walks.

She doesn’t have a deep chest so it’s a bit loose across the front but still works really well.

Would be great if there was another clip closure on the chest strap as she’s not a fan of having it fitted over her head.

Great products!

I bought the long lead and no pull harness. Really impressed with the high quality and design. Thanks!!

Best harness and leash

I purchased the total control leash and harness for my 4 year old Labrador, Rosie. She is at times anxious during walks and we have issues with her using her strength to try to run off and get to other dogs. The harness gives us much more control and the feature of a second handle closer on the leash, allows us to pull her in tight and have more control. The handle on the top of the harness also allows us to grab Rosie and keep her safe. We love the red colour we chose too. We did find that attaching the leash at the front of the harness, causes the harness to move around too much and lose position. So we just attach the leash to the clip at the top of the harness and this works fine.

This has been the best harness and leash we have owned.

Thank you so much for cerating this great product.

Red no pull harness and leash.

Billy my 1 year old labradoodle is walking brilliantly on his new no pull harness. Great quality and the colour suits him beautifully.

Very happy

Love how well made the harness & lead are, particularly soft padding & both grab handles. The navy blue looks great on my 2 yo black Lab. The harness seemed to come forward in front of shoulders until I figured out I had the front neck straps too tight. I also like how easy it is to put on, take off & it's not like wearing a straight jacket which must get awfully hot for a lot of dogs. The service was excellent, the product great quality. Thank you.


Love the no pull Harness.
So easy to walk our dog now and take her away from those awful food scrapes that people litter!

Feels good in the hand

Purchased with the no pull harness and complement each other nicely. Good length and feel in the hand. Surprised by how much assurance you get from the second handle/grip and ease of control.

Loving the walk now

The lead is so comfortable to hold love the idea I can walk Nikita on a shorter or longer lead and I can't wait to try walking our two dogs on the double clip lead when taking them to the park

Easy to fit

My Koolie/Kelpie x pup is transitioning sizes at the moment so the medium I purchased isn’t a perfect fit just yet. Probably will be in a couple more weeks. Even so, the fit is sufficient to notice the harness works exactly as described and requires very little pressure for control. The harness isn't bulky or constrictive which I think is important with the warmer weather. It is very quick and easy to fit using a single buckle which is also lockable for additional peace of mind. I’m no expert but I’m pretty impressed with this new harness.

Top quality harness not to mention absolutely lovely customer service, owner is just a sweetheart, quick shipping received my product in less than a week!! definitely recommend to anyone with reactive dogs

Lilo loves her new harness!

Our red heeler Lilo, who is a little packet of raw energy, loves her new harness. It is light, easy to take on and off, and the gentle yet firm control quickly guides her away from lunging at other dogs, or intense sniffing. It's much less restrictive and hot than other harnesses too, which resemble jackets.

The front loop is well positioned higher up, which doesn't impede or get caught under her front legs when walking like our previous harness. We also find it gives good control even when she is clipped up on the back loop. Love the total control leash as well, easy to quickly grab the middle loop when additional control is needed.

Plus, Lilo looks super cute with her matching violet harness and leash!

No pull dog harness - Red
Elizabeth Corless
Very happy owner

It's amazing from starting the walk to then end of the walk

Happy Staffy

This is a great harness and lead it’s really well made and strong. Our Amstaff is not a big fan of scrub turkeys and will lunge at them when he’s close enough but since using the harness and lead combo he’s learning it’s a bit of a waste of time. All the features are well thought out but the traffic handle is great as it sits up proud and is easy to grab if needed. Thanks for the service and fast delivery

No pull dog harness - Violet
Violet Harness

I loved this harness so much that I purchased a second one for my other greyhound.
I especially love the design with the grab handle for extra control when walking two dogs at once.
It a winner!

6-in-1 multifunction dog leash – Red
6 in 1 Multifunction Leash

Loving this new leash. It's purpose is to walk two greyhounds at once clipped on to their harnesses. It makes walking them so easy.

6 in 1 leash

Love it