Walking a reactive dog or one that continuously pulls and lunges is no fun. 

The frustration, stress, and disappointment can take an emotional toll on both of you. 

We've been there, which is why we designed the perfect walking solution with a lifetime guarantee.

How it works

Attach the leash to the front ring (the one under your pupper’s chin). Then when she pulls or lunges the martingale loop tightens across her chest, gently turning her back towards you, and preventing her from pulling forward.

Lifetime guarantee

Lifetime guarantee

Our goal is to make every moment with your doggo enjoyable and stress-free so we offer a no-questions-asked lifetime guarantee.

If at any point you (or your pupper) are not feeling 100% happy with your purchase we'll swap it out for a new one or give you a full refund.

Doesn't fit? We got you. 👍
Looking a bit old? We got you. 👍
Just fancy a fresh colour? We got you. 👍

You'll never need to buy another harness again!

Your path to effortless walking

in 3 easy steps

Step 1

Choose a
no-pull harness

Step 2

Choose a 
total control leash

Step 3

Fall back in love
with walking your pupper

Reduces stress

Less pulling and battling means more enjoyable walks for you and your doggo.

Gives you back control

Reconnect with your pupper and take back control, because you da boss of walkies.

Proceeds to dog shelters

A portion of every sale goes to dog shelters, helping pups that aren’t loved as much as yours.