Our story

Something for reactive dogs

Having a reactive doggo is no walk in the park right? (pun intended). Our last two dogs have been reactive and although there's heaps of great advice out there we never found a brand that provided solutions specifically for reactive and anxious dogs. So we created one.

Our mission

Stress-free doggos. Stress-free hoomans.

Our aim is to help owners of reactive dogs enjoy every moment with the furry friends they love by removing the stress from everyday problems.

Our Frankie

So who is Frankie?

Frankie would have been 3yrs old this year. We would have been celebrating with her favourite sardine cake. But sadly her time with us ended way too soon. There's still not a day goes by that we don't think of her and wish we could get just one more of her kisses or head tilts. 🥺

Frankie was a very reactive and anxious blue merle border collie. 10% batshit crazy but 90% the most beautiful soul I've ever known. Sadly the reactivity and 10% crazy won in the end.

Ever since she was a pup we had a number of professional trainers working with us to help manage her reactivity. We spent hours every day practicing loose-leash walking, positive reinforcement, managing triggers, and so on. Despite all that, walking in public was still a helluva challenge, and combined with the training we must have tried every harness, collar and leash under the sun to help make it a more enjoyable and less stressful experience for Frankie and us.

We never found the perfect product so we started designing one ourselves combining the most successful features of everything we’d tried. We had harness and leash prototypes made and we were starting to see real improvements in Frankie’s behaviour when walking.

Unfortunately one day after she'd finished a walk and was back in the car a bus drove past and she jumped out and gave chase. Sadly she ran straight under the wheels and was in hospital for about 10 days. She had multiple internal organ injuries, shattered pelvis and hips plus broken legs. Miraculously she survived about 4 major surgeries and was looking like she was pulling through when she just run out of fight and passed away.

It was heartbreaking but we promised her we'd do something in her name to help other anxious and reactive puppers like her.

This is just the beginning, but we think she'd approve.


giving back

Every sale feeds a rescue doggo

We care deeply about dogs and their quality of life. Sadly not every doggo is a lucky pup like yours. So we donate a percentage of every sale to feed those furry little fellas in rescue shelters, and help make their day just a little bit better.